Whatcha Makin’? — Let’s Do A T-Shirt Quilt!

I have to have something to do. A project of some sort. If I don’t have a project to look forward to, I find that I have a lot of trouble focusing on anything else. I find it’s easier to keep the tv off and keep everyone moving if I know I get to do something for myself later. (I doubt this makes any sense, but it seems that’s how I work. lol)

But as of the end of March, all of my stuff has been in boxes. My sewing table has been under boxes. Boxes filled with my paints and brushes, my pencils and pastels and pads, my fabrics and scissors and rulers, my scrapbooks and papers, even all of my notebooks! But I haven’t noticed it too much since I first was busy unpacking the rest of the house. Then I got to work in the yard and busy myself with flowers and growing veggies and herbs.

Now we are in mid-June here in central NC and the heat index for the rest of the week is 100 degrees. Yard work? With Code Orange air quality warnings? Nah, I’m good thanks. The boxes left in the basement? I can’t do anything with those until I get more shelving (because it’s mostly books left….Hubby and I are major book lovers). The boxes left in the spare basement room? Those are all of my boxes. Which I can’t unpack until I get more shelving for that too. So I’m at a standstill with just about everything. I even have plenty of freezer meal recipes on hand to stock my freezer up with after I go grocery shopping.

So what’s a girl to do? I know. How about we cut up shirts? Nothing crazy, it’ll be for a quilt. 🙂 Want to join me? We’ll make it a weekly thing! This week we’ll get started and next week, we’ll move on to the next step, and so on. Let’s do this!DSC08340

When Hubby and I were packing up our room, I went through my shirts to try to get rid of what I don’t wear. But I found that I had a lot of shirts I didn’t wear anymore, but couldn’t bear to part with. Hubby had some of those too. So I bought a bin and we threw our shirts in there hoping we could find something to do with them.

This week, when I decided I was going to make a t-shirt quilt, I pulled the bin out along with a bag from storage that had a lot of my old shirts.



I went through all the shirts and laid out the ones I wanted to make a quilt with.


After I picked out which shirts I wanted, I had to go hunting in the spare basement room for my fabric scissors, fabric pencils, and plastic template square. (Thankfully, it only took a couple of boxes to find them all. 🙂 )

Once I had everything I needed, it was time to start cutting. I have about 24 shirts with the fronts and/or backs and most with the front pocket design.


You can see the 2-inch clearance on the top and on the right side.


I cut the designs out in squares, leaving a 2 inch border from the part of the design that stuck out the furthest. For some of the smaller designs, I left a 2 inch border on the sides and the top but left more space (5-6 inches) on the bottom.




For the pocket designs, I cut them out leaving about a 2 inch border all
around; although for some pockets, I left a little more space on the bottom.


DSC08363While most of my shirts were in good condition, my very favorite shirt was in pretty rough condition. It’s been awhile since I’ve worn it for fear of DSC08366making it worse. I got this shirt the summer of 2000, I think. You can see the holes in the armpits but there were a handful of little holes on the back. I went ahead and cut this one, too, but I’m worried about putting a square with holes already in it into a quilt. Perhaps I should use a fusible backing and iron it on to another fabric before adding it in? I need to find someway to reinforce those areas so that the holes don’t get bigger and ruin the quilt. I do plan on using this quilt after all. 🙂

Doing all of this ended up taking me all afternoon. I know I’m missing a couple shirts that I’d like to include so I’m going to be hunting around for those…they probably ended up in the ‘get rid of’ bag since we didn’t have a bin at the time.

DSC08359I’ve set the remainders of the shirts aside for later. These are perfect for T-shirt Bracelets when we’re camping. 🙂 Definitely going to have to do a post about that. So much fun!


Next week we’ll tackle what comes next! Can’t wait!


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