Summer Vacation! All one week of it!

For the past two Wednesdays, I have been working on a t-shirt quilt. This week, that project has to be put on hold. This week Freckles is home for summer vacation. And since it’s only a week, we’ve got a few things going on and a t-shirt quilt isn’t one of them.

Over the weekend, Ladybug turned 5!!! We had a nice quiet family party on Saturday with most of our family. (Hopefully those that weren’t able to make it out this weekend will be able to make it to the party with Abby’s friends next month!) Days like that remind me how incredibly blessed we are to have such wonderful family and friends (who are really like family to us too).

I was then reminded again on Sunday how wonderful my family and friends-who-are-practically-family are. Our hot water heater was leaking steadily and we needed to turn the water off to the house. The landlord wasn’t coming,or would show up at some point later, so Hubby decided to do it. But wasn’t sure how. So he called up our friends to figure it out. But our friends didn’t just talk him through it, they came over to help! And then Hubby’s parents let us crash there for the night, including our dog! So yea, very thankful to have great friends and to live so close to our family.

Monday, once the hot water heater was replaced, we were happy just relaxing and enjoying not needing to get in the carpool line or do homework. Later in the afternoon, since it was a gorgeous low-humidity day (which is kind of rare in a North Carolina summer) we headed outside. (I love having a yard now!!) The kids enjoyed playing in the hard-plastic kiddie pool and I had fun spraying them with the hose. 🙂

Tuesday I got to sleep in a bit. 🙂 Then the girls and I went to have lunch with Hubby. I admit I was a little let down by Chili’s guacamole burger, but whatcha gonna do? Afterwards we went to hang out with my mom. And I got enlisted to help giver her 4 doggies a bath. 🙂 It was fun washing them outside. 🙂 On the way home, we stopped at Target to pick up school supplies. I have to say, that’s one of the things I’m not liking about year-round school – when it’s time to buy school supplies, they aren’t all out yet. But we were able to scrape together everything we needed for both girls since Ladybug starts kindergarten this year (Ahhh!). And Ladybug picked out her new backpack. 🙂

And that brings us to today! The girls and I headed to my mom’s before lunch. We decided to hit a couple thrift stores to see if we could get the girls back-to-school clothes. (My favorite is a kids’ consignment store called Kid to Kid.) I’m happy to report that Ladybug got a variety of clothes: pants, shirts, and dresses. Freckles had a little more trouble finding pants and skirts. (Why are girls’ skirts so freakin’ short?!?? There needs to be enough material there to cover their bottoms!! They are only 7 and 8 years old for crying out loud!) Then we went to the “Meet the Teacher” at the elementary school to meet Freckles’s teacher. She sure does seem nice. 🙂 And then we got to meet up with Hubby’s parents at their pool for pizza and swimming! Seriously, the water felt awesome!

Sooooo, yeah. Not really any time for the t-shirt quilt. 🙂 Tomorrow we are headed to a pottery painting place!


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