We survived the Frozen party! All good things, all good things. ;)


*Whew* I made it through the weekend.
And now I’m sitting here with both of my girls home with me. They are tracked out for the next three weeks!! So excited!! There is so much we want to do while they are home, but today we relax. The kids are catching up on some Disney channel while playing with Ladybug’s new gifts and I’m enjoying some snuggles and just having my girls home. 🙂

But let’s back up and talk about the big ‘Frozen’ party that happened this weekend. (Quick side note: This was the first-ever birthday party, with kids, in my own house. This will probably be the last. haha)


The basement ready to be decorated.

As you know, I spent last week getting our large basement room ready for the party. I had also been hunting through three local Party Cities for any ‘Frozen’ decor I could get my hands on.  Stop #3 was the goldmine…and also the furthest drive. 🙂


Everything I had planned on putting up…

I may have a gone a little overboard and now have to return a few things…but better to have too much rather than not enough.


The best thing I bought, though, cost only $18 at Party City: a 100ft roll of aqua-colored plastic table cloth. The other awesome thing I bought (only $9 at WalMart) to help set the scene was a very large bag of pillow stuffing.


The “wall” of blue.

I cut four 9-foot pieces and hung them from the ceiling to create a wall of blue to set a great scene for the party.  Using 9 feet pieces allowed me to attach them to the ceiling and still have some of the floor. I pulled out my icicle lights from my Christmas decorations and strung them along the bottom of the blue “wall”. Then I covered the lights with the pillow stuffing “snow”.


Later I remembered that I have not one, but TWO, small artificial Christmas trees that I could use! So I stuck one on either side of the wall of blue. My mom had come over to help me hang the blue sheets of plastic and she hung the decorations from the ceiling for me, too.



I got a little carried away with decorating for this party (seriously, it was a LOT of fun!) and I drew snowflakes on the sliding glass doors with window markers that I bought from Party City. Afterward, I added more “snow” along the bottom of the doors. 🙂






I also used my sliver garland (also from my Christmas bin) to wrap the banisters leading down into the basement. And I put a blue fringe curtain in the door. Please don’t buy this. Please don’t use this. It’s a great concept. But it’s the WORST idea! Kids want to pull on it every time they walk by or through it and if you are barefoot (and I was because it’s July in North Carolina, no shoes needed) it will stick to your feet like…I don’t know what, but it was a pain. Anyway, back to the point. So you walk through a curtain of blue and go down the “frozen” stairs and you are greeted by balloons on either side of the stairs. Yup, Elsa and Anna are on them. 🙂


As you can see from the pictures, we had Elsa come to our party. Well, Ladybug’s response was not what we were planning on…she turned around and hid her face in Hubby who was standing behind her. Then as Elsa came further into the house, Ladybug ran and hid in the basement. [Small moment of panic on my party.] But with time and patience, Ladybug warmed up to Elsa and we were able to do a group picture.


Now this blog is all about what really goes on in my house. So let me share some wisdom at this point in my very long post. [By the way, if you’re still reading, thanks for sticking around!!!! :)] Now, if you are doing a party in your home and decide to use the super awesome idea of making a “wall” of blue plastic hanging from your ceiling, be sure that the little ones positioning themselves for a picture do NOT GET TOO CLOSE TO YOUR ‘WALL’!!!

‘Cause guess what happens?




Boom. It comes down.


No worries, everyone scooched over and we got another picture. Then I grabbed my stepladder and my staple gun and my brother-in-law and I got that sucker back up in no time. 


Job well done. 😉



 As the party guests arrived and walked through our entryway/hallway, they were greeted with a blue-ish hallway. I stretched a long piece of the blue tablecloth from the ceiling along the length of the hallway. It drooped down enough to not touch the light in the hallway and when it was on, it cast the hallway in a cool blue light. And everyone was greeted by Olaf. 🙂


No, not trying to show off my awesome glasses I got for the party, it is just the only picture that captured my blue hallway. 🙂

When they got downstairs, they were given a choice between a crown with Elsa & Anna on it or Sven antlers. 🙂 (I’m still waiting to get the picture of this from someone at the party.) But it was a very cute table with Olaf standing watch over the treat bags. And I decorated the table with some Frozen confetti I found at Party City.


 The party turned out pretty well. We were able to get 3 folding tables with 13 (or maybe it was 14) chairs. 


I’m standing with my back to the blue wall with the sliding glass doors on the right looking towards the stairs.


Happy Birthday to my Princess!

Upstairs, for the adults….and for the kids too, I had a Frozen snack table.


I found two ‘Keep Calm’ pictures to print out to add to the decor: Keep Calm and Build A Snowman; Keep Calm and Let It Go. 🙂 I used some more of my Christmas-time snowflakes to hang around the snacks. I used some glass beads (clear and blue) to decorate the table.



One of our drink options was Elsa’s Frozen Punch. 🙂 We also served Snowman Arms (pretzel sticks) and Frozen Grapes (grapes that had been in the freezer overnight).







Our other drink option was Melted Snow (water 😉 ) and we also served Snowman Noses (baby
 carrots) and Fresh Snow Dip (ranch dip).




I printed the food labels from one of the many sites I found on Pinterest. (I promise I’ll find the link and share it with y’all.) I bet you’re wondering what went into Elsa’s punch: 1 jug of blue Hawaiian Punch, 1 can pineapple juice, and 1 2L bottle of lemon-lime soda. [As a small side note here, after all the kiddos are gone and your own kiddos are in bed for the night, Elsa’s punch is absolutely scrumptious with dark rum. ;)]

So, all-in-all, it was success. And by next year I’ll probably have forgotten how frazzled I was and consider doing an in-house party again. 🙂 

What’s that? Oh right! I forgot to talk about the cake! Ooops, sorry! Here it is!

  DSC09259 DSC09256


Testing the cake batter. 🙂


The birthday girl requested an Oreo cake. So what I did was go to a super awesome spice store in North Raleigh to get some black onyx cocoa powder. Long story short, this cake tasted like an Oreo cookie. I promise this isn’t my opinion, I was told this a few times. 🙂 So the Oreo cake was the square bottom tier and the top tier was a white cake with a fluffy chocolate frosting in the middle. The entire cake was covered in buttercream tinted blue and partially covered with white fondant. 🙂









Tastes good Mom. 🙂

Thanks for sticking through the whole post! Hope you get some awesome ideas for the Frozen party in your future. [Let’s face it, there WILL be one. ;)] 

Wishing you all a magical week!!



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